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SMS Millcraft employs more than 500 people at its fifteen plants and its headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Our team of employees is comprised of skilled craftsmen, such as welders, machinists and electricians; plant supervisors; engineers; accounting and sales professionals; and administrative assistants in hourly and salaried positions. We are an equal opportunity employer, committed to diversity and a safe and respectful workplace environment centered on talent and achievement, not differences.

SMS Millcraft is a dynamic, growing company serving the revitalized North American steel industry, competing in an expanding global marketplace. As such, we are always looking for skilled and motivated employees to join our team and help us continue our growth. Our growth also provides advancement opportunities. SMS Millcraft's employees receive a comprehensive benefit package.

For more information about employment opportunities at SMS Millcraft, contact the Human Resource Administrator at our facilities or visit SMS Millcraft on careerbuilder.com to explore opportunities throughout our company.